Saturday, May 17, 2008

Read Any Good Books?

Funny how topics for posts happen. I was recommending a book to a friend when I realized most of you probably find time to read about running or triathlons. If you have a favorite book, please leave a comment with the information. It can be about training, an event, or a person. I have several favorites, most given to me as presents, here are three of my favorites.

"Anything for a T-Shirt", by Ron Rubin. This is the biography of Fred Lebow, who was the founder of the New York City Marathon. He was a Holocaust survivor, who made his way to New York City and became one of its most celebrated residents. I was given this book prior to running the 2005 NYC Marathon. If you have run the New York City Marathon or plan to run it, you must read this book.

"Duel in the Sun", by John Brant. This is the story of what many consider the greatest marathon ever run, the 1982 Boston Marathon. The story details the lives of Alberto Salazar and Dick Beardsley, prior to and after this marathon. These two men battled the entire distance as described by the author, "in each other's pockets."

"The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life", by Amby Burfoot. This little book, 150 pages, is packed with page after page of inspiration. Written by the winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon, he writes about; "winning, losing, happiness, humility and the human heart."

So, if you have a favorite book, please share it with us.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The "Geezer" Rides!

Since I have dusted off the bike for a new season, thought I'd post the "Riding Geezer". This was taken at the Killarney Station on the West Orange Trail. We were at the half way point on our 28 mile ride. For me that was the longest distance I have ever biked. Since I am only interested in biking as cross-training and "Sprint" distance triathlons, I don't expect too many "long" rides. I would like to work on my endurance up to 15 miles, and speed up to 20 mph, that should cover most "Sprint" races. Now all I need to do is get my swimming in order. I biked 14.8 miles this morning and it is beginning to feel more comfortable.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Marine Corps Marathon

Registration has opened for the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon. In previous years it had sold out in approximately two weeks, so hurry if you want to experience it.

Funny how this post came about. I was looking at some photos from last years marathon. A group of us from Track Shack in Orlando had run it. In one of the group pictures, taken prior to the race, I thought I spotted "Marathon Chris". Last October I did not know who she was. It wasn't until the Winter Park Road Race 10K this past March that I met her. With the help of Maddy, I was able to get the photo to Chris. In a subsequent e-mail Chris asked if I had done a post on the marathon. I had not since I only started this blog in February. Bingo! Do my recap as a promotion for the marathon.

I have run eight marathons and and as far as overall satisfaction, this was the best! I was able to stay with friends in Arlington. The condo overlooked the Marine Corps Monument and the finish area. The expo was very well organized, what else would you expect from the Marine Corps. I was able to have a reunion with six of my high school classmates. Gathering with about twenty runners from Orlando at the start was fun and exciting.

The course was excellent, great support along the way. For anyone who has not run this marathon, you finish up a steep hill the last one-quarter mile. There are signs painted on the road to encourage you up the hill. There are thousands of spectators and Marines cheering you to the finish. You look up the hill and see the Marine Corps Monument at the finish, very emotional. Marines are stationed just past the finish line "presenting" the finishers medal to you. It is not handed to you like all the other marathons I've run, you stand in front of a Marine officer and they place the medal around your neck.

If you're thinking about running, sign up now.