Sunday, June 7, 2009

Carnation Instant Breakfast

One of my favorite post-run recovery drinks has always been chocolate milk. After drinking water and sports drinks for a prolonged period of time, the taste of something rich is refreshing! "Runner's World Magazine", has a segment in the July 2009 issue. The article said, "drinking chocolate milk post-exercise speeds up recovery and increases the time it takes to reach exhaustion during a subsequent exercise session better than sports drinks."

Recently, I re-discovered "Carnation Instant Breakfast". I had tried it many years ago, but not as a recovery drink. I compared the nutritional values of low fat chocolate milk with the "Carnation Instant Breakfast". All of the nutrient levels in the "breakfast" were higher than the chocolate milk. For example; Sodium 120mg, Potassium 260mg, Total Carbs 27g and Protein 5g. Another factor to consider is cost. I paid from $1.29 - $1.79 for a single portion of chocolate milk. The "Carnation Instant Breakfast" costs about $ .50 per serving, plus the milk. Still about half the price of the chocolate milk. Yes, you do have to mix it yourself and it must be kept cold. I have a small cooler that works fine for the sports bottle and two ice packs.

This "endorsement" is given as a suggestion for your post-run recovery. What have you tried?

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Time to Reflect

This post is a running story with a "twist". The couple in the photo are Jorge-Luis and Aileen. Aileen is a member of our marathon running group. Jorge-Luis is our "Fan #1", who has been a spectator and cheerleader at several of our races. We hope to "persuade" him to run a half marathon in the future.

This month Aileen will start the summer session of our training program, while Jorge-Luis will be deployed to Iraq for a second tour of duty. We had a going away party for him on Saturday evening. We had a great turnout of friends, good food and a few liquid refreshments.

Raymond started the party off with a prayer and blessing. The mood of the evening was jovial , although each of us knew why we were there. We may be runners, but the strongest bond is that we are "family". We come together when times are good and assemble when the unfortunate realities of life pay us a visit. We will have another party for Jorge-Luis and Aileen, that will be to celebrate his safe return from Iraq.

For all who read this post, please say a prayer for Jorge-Luis' safety. Remember and pray for Aileen who will need support during their separation. God Bless them both. God Bless all of our military personnel who are serving our country.

God Bless America!