Friday, January 29, 2010

Returning from a Winter Break

I am back. I had a few inquiries as to the status of this blog. I am happy to say we are up and running.

Following the last posting, I ran the Jacksonville Bank half-marathon on December 20th. I paced a fellow runner, Cathy, for the first six miles of her full marathon. Even with the slower pace for the first half, I was able to post a respectable 1:58.

On Christmas Day, I flew to New York to be with my father who was seriously ill. He passed away on December 29th. I returned to Orlando on January 7th.

The Disney weekend was exciting. My daughter Katie, ran the half-marathon on Saturday and my son-in-law Phil, ran the full on Sunday. It was the coldest weekend in Disney history. Sunday morning it was 29 degrees!

In all, I took three weeks off from running. As frustrating as that was, in hindsight I think it was good for my mind and body. I have been running four days per week, adding one extra day to my previous training schedule. I will be running the "26.2 with Donna" half-marathon on February 21st and the "Colorado Marathon" half on May 9th. I will not run a full marathon until the fall. I am about 99% sure that I will run the "Wineglass Marathon" in Corning, NY, October 3rd.

This weekend our training group will head out to Apopka, FL for some hill training. I expect to run between 10-11 miles on the hills. The following weekend I need to get in a strong 14 mile run to simulate the upcoming half-marathon.

That pretty well covers my absence and brings you up to date on what I have been doing.

The photo has nothing to do with running. It was taken while I was in NY helping to clear some of the 30+ inches of snow that fell during my visit.