Sunday, June 7, 2009

Carnation Instant Breakfast

One of my favorite post-run recovery drinks has always been chocolate milk. After drinking water and sports drinks for a prolonged period of time, the taste of something rich is refreshing! "Runner's World Magazine", has a segment in the July 2009 issue. The article said, "drinking chocolate milk post-exercise speeds up recovery and increases the time it takes to reach exhaustion during a subsequent exercise session better than sports drinks."

Recently, I re-discovered "Carnation Instant Breakfast". I had tried it many years ago, but not as a recovery drink. I compared the nutritional values of low fat chocolate milk with the "Carnation Instant Breakfast". All of the nutrient levels in the "breakfast" were higher than the chocolate milk. For example; Sodium 120mg, Potassium 260mg, Total Carbs 27g and Protein 5g. Another factor to consider is cost. I paid from $1.29 - $1.79 for a single portion of chocolate milk. The "Carnation Instant Breakfast" costs about $ .50 per serving, plus the milk. Still about half the price of the chocolate milk. Yes, you do have to mix it yourself and it must be kept cold. I have a small cooler that works fine for the sports bottle and two ice packs.

This "endorsement" is given as a suggestion for your post-run recovery. What have you tried?


Donna N. said...

I too love chocolate milk after a run and the whole Carnation Insant Brkfst is a GREAT idea. In the winter I love to stop at Starbucks and get a Cafe Latte with one raw sugar in it. I find that really helps me out.

ShirleyPerly said...

My stomach does not handle dairy products well but I have been enjoying Accelerade after my workouts as a recovery drink. Some people use it as a sports drink too but I prefer it after my workokuts.

CewTwo said...

I love chocolate milk, too. Nothing like it after a short break!

Good luck on your training and keep us posted!

Linda said...

I have been drinking low fat chocolate milk for awhile, but might just gove that Carnation Instant a try! Thanks for the suggestion.