Friday, March 21, 2008

Nutrition - No, Just Food

"Dietary requirements for proper health and development." That's how the dictionary defines nutrition. I might take issue with that, but the dictionary has been around longer than me.

There are not too many of us who don't love to eat. Now comes the tricky part, what should we eat. I'm not going to attempt to tell you, as each of us have our own diet and knows what works best.

I would like this post to be interactive and have each of you give me a short list of what foods you prefer while training. They can be entrees, side dishes, snacks and yes, dessert. Nothing technical, no details, such as calories, fat, carbs, etc. If you enjoy it, that's good enough for me! My list includes; broiled or baked chicken breasts, black beans and rice, baked sweet potatoes, frozen yogurt in place of ice cream. I eat "Trail Mix Crunch" a Post brand cereal. It's good as a cold or hot cereal and also as a snack.

The photo is the aftermath of a pre-marathon dinner in Chicago 2006. A group of us went to Trattoria Roma, 1535 N. Wells, for an incredible Italian dinner. Thank you Renea for finding the restaurant. I PR'd the next day, so whatever I ate worked!


Runner's Anonymous said...

Food glorious food....Hmmmm..I have a couple favorites. They are, in no particular order, grilled chicken, mac and cheese(must be velveeta), almonds, and either Boost or Ensure.

The grilled chicken and mac and cheese are obviously entrees. The almonds are my healthy alternative to horking down a whole bag of potato chips. The Boost or Ensure is my recovery drink.

While I'm on this topic, just a few words about Boost/Ensure. Right now I'm using Ensure because the local grocery store keeps giving us coupons for $4 off a $7 six pack. In each 8oz bottle is 10g Protein, 31g carbs, 290 mg sodium, 500mg potassium, 70% RDA Vit C, 70% RDA Vit E, 50% RDA Vit D, 50% RDA Vit K, and 25-30% RDA of Vit A and all the Vit B's. At 50 cents a bottle with the coupon, not a bad recovery drink.

Eileen said...

Broiled chicken is always good. I'm a big fan of Stonyfield non-fat yogurt: Chocolate Underground tastes like it's bad for you but is so good and tons of protein. I've also shot some Hershey's syrup in skim milk - again, lots of protein and only a little sugar from the syrup. mmmm. Two other favorites: chicken that's been marinated and cooked in Spiedie sauce (do you have that in Florida?), and a pasta salad with tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and some Parmesan cheese.
When biking, I like fat-free fig newtons as a nice energy need to have some water to wash them down!

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm a snacker and my favorite snacks are animal crackers (not cookies) and low fat chex mix. My favorite entree is grilled salmon but I eat that only once a month or so at restaurants, never at home. My everyday meals (plain bagel & fruit for breakfast, soups or sandwiches for lunch, big salad w/ chix or tky for dinner) are nothing special. The main enjoyment I get out of them is good health.

Donna N. said...

Let's see...I usually go for Big Macs, fries, and lots of ice cream. Ok, I'm just kidding. : ) When I am in training, I have to say I love the pasta. Also I do salmon or chicken for the protein. I religiously eat two poaced eggs with one slice of w/w toast for breakfast. I keep away from all fiber for two days before the long runs. After the long run, I do partake in a Black Russian Bagel with peanut butter from Einsteins. Can't wait to get back out there.

CewTwo said...

I love to eat and most of my runs reflect that. I will soon be training for the Chicago Marathon, so I am very interested in what you find out. Be sure to share it!

Thanks for a great topic!

Maddy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Shirley did introduce us at DeLeon Springs. I'm glad to see you in the blogosphere!

I have found that pork sausage works really well for me as a pre-race meal. I really like sausage with pasta. I always feel like pork is a forbidden food - I mean it comes from an animial that is synonmous with being fat. But it seems to keep me going.

I also like marinated grilled chicken, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I think it can be a challenge to find a good meal when you travel out of town for a race. You hope you find something that will work for you. And in my case, I have to also make sure there is something that my kids will enjoy. So far, we have had decent luck.

runninggeezer262 said...

So far it looks like chicken tops the list. Can't help but get hungry reading your responses. I just had a handful of "Craisins" (dried cranberries)

Maddy, ever had the "turkey" sausage? not as high in fat content.

What's a "Big Mac" :-)

Maddy said...

I have had the turkey sausage. Publix makes an incredible chicken sausage too that I really like. I have tried them pre-race and they don't have the same effect as the pork sausage.

It could be a mental thing too. But I know that I have found something that works for me.

Maybe I will see you on Saturday! I'm looking forward to the 10k

CewTwo said...

I forget to mention my favorite training foods. Definitely fresh veggies, pasta (I like to make my own) and light cheese sauces (what is a light cheese sauce? One you make yourself).

Broiled chicken and smoked turkey breast...

runninggeezer262 said...

Well, our little feathered friend is on top of the list for most popular food. Salmon was second and pasta seemed to be mentioned often. Some the suggestions for snacks were helpful. Thanks for your input!

Jade Lady said...

Count one more for chicken - not just any chicken - baked chicken thighs - with a bit of salt. And, with a bit of broccoli and steamed rice. Yummi yummi to my tummy!

Odwalla bars (banana bread flavor) are another favorite snack of mine - Costco special.

And, every morning, I have the same 'old thing - 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter. We're bit Jif fanst at my house!