Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taper Time

Yes, I'm still out here in the "Blogosphere". I've been running with only one brief slowdown due to a minor flare-up of tendinitis in my left ankle. That's what happens to "Running Geezers!"

My marathon is scheduled for October 12th. I am running the "Mohawk-Hudson Marathon" in Albany, NY. Actually, it is a point-to-point race from Schenectady to Albany. 18 miles of the run are on paved trails along the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers. The course has a net elevation drop of 307 feet. It will be a small marathon as the field is limited to 650 runners! I am looking forward to the cooler weather that awaits us.

With one more long run scheduled for September 20th, 24 miles, we have begun talking about "TAPERING". The October issue of "Runner's World" has an article on the subject. They also have several articles from years past available on-line. Following the long run, our mileage and intensity will decrease as we near race day. In the past I have followed a similar schedule, with little distance during the week prior to the race.

Several key points that "Runner's World" raises are; "athletes can achieve an optimal taper if they reduce their mileage by 41 to 60 percent but keep the training frequency steady. Additionally, they say, "marathoners need at least two to three weeks of reduced volume."

Do you taper? How do you approach the two weeks prior to a marathon?


ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, that weather up there in NY is going to feel like heaven!

Because of my crazy marathon and triathlon training schedule, I don't do a normal taper. But I'm not seeking to run optimal race times so that's OK. I think the last time I really did a full taper was for my first marathon back in 2003 :-)

Hope the ankle continues to improve!

Daria said... here is perfect! If I lived in a "dream world" would stay like this all the time-cool mornings-65 to 70 afternoons and very cool nights-perfect for running and sleeping.Hope it stays this way for your marathon.
As for taper....I used to do the longest run 2 weeks before and then cut back. Right now, I am tapering for NYCM---I have deferred again. There is too much going on with my right foot and I feel it when I run more than 8 miles.So, I am walking more than running and that will not get me to the finish line in NY.

Good Luck at the Mohawk Hudson Marathon & be careful with that ankle

Anonymous said...

I hate the taper, but as many a Runner's world article says, better to under then over run those last 2-3 weeks. I have used the Hal Higdon plan and it seems to taper well. Same number of running days per week, just less milage.

Good luck out there on the 12th. I will be hitting the course in Chicago the same day. Lets hope for good weather all the way around.

Jim said...

In my case, I think age makes a difference. In general I need more time to recover from a long run. As always, whatever works best for the individual is the best system.

Have a great time in Chicago.

I'm hoping for 40-50 degrees, maybe being a bit optomistic.

Janette said...

Good luck at MH! Keep me posted on how you like it. I think I might try that one next fall.

I hope you're getting rested up during your taper. Take care of yourself!

CewTwo said...

Good luck! God speed! May the wind be at your back! Its been a long road and now you can see the end!

You're going to do great!

SumoRunner said...

Here are photos shot at mile 8.5