Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Finish Line - Tim Feeney

This is a post that I hoped I would never have to publish. Recently, I had a post telling you about Tim and Susan Feeney. I wrote about Tim's battle with brain cancer since June 2006.

Below is the e-mail that Susan sent out this morning.

"Tim lost his courageous battle this morning at 5:15am, with me at his side. It was peaceful. He ran this marathon for a long time with strength, dignity and grace. Approaching each mile marker with always the most positive attitude. He ran a 30 month race and we crossed the finish line today, together. But I stopped and he ran on. I know he's reached that special place by now and he's at peace. He will be greatly missed."

When I spoke with Susan today, I mentioned I was supposed to run tonight. Her response was instantaneous, "you better, Tim's watching!" We ran our usual route, only tonight we stopped on a dock that goes onto Lake Baldwin. We paused, gave thanks to Tim and knowing that he was watching, moved off quickly.

The evening before Tim's passing I had the opportunity to visit him one last time. Raymond and Sheri from our running group stopped by his house. Tim was resting peacefully as we spoke to him. There were no outward signs from Tim that he heard our voices. We then visited with Susan for about one hour. As we were leaving, I returned to Tim's room. I leaned over him and told him we were going to run another marathon one day. He stirred, I know he heard me and was saying, "lace them up and let's go". At 5:15 am he left us to get a good spot on the starting line. I can hear the angels telling him to go to the front you earned the elite position.


Tammy said...

I will say a prayer for the entire family. My co-worker just lost her hubby to bone cancer last week Tuesday, this gives us more of a reason to be running in honor of them.

NML1103 said...

I worked with Tim at Kirchman/Metavante for 5 years, we started together, your blog about him was simple but so true...Tim never gave up, if there was a goal to acheive he got there and then sum. He inspired me and so many others at work to run. I have fallen off that wagon this last year and in his honor have started again - recruiting my 12 year old son to join me. We will be running the February 14th 5K. Maybe we will see you there, Tim will be watching! ;)

Stacy Fernandez

Jade Lady said...

It must be so hard to lose a friend. I know he is in a better place. Take care and may your friend rest in peace.

Runner's Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. I just learned yesterday that a friend and former co-worker just lost her husband to cancer. The proximity to Christmas doesn't make it any easier. I lost my paternal Grandmother on Dec 23 1976. There hasn't been a Christmas since that I haven't thought about her. That's not a bad thing though. I'm reminded how lucky I was to have her as a relative and I think that's a rally special gift. From what you've said about Tim, I imagine you'll feel the same.

Daria said...

At this time of year ,it is especially difficult to lose a loved one.I only knew of Tim through Jim's posts but as a fellow runner, I too feel the loss. My prayers go out to all who knew Tim.

FatManRun said...

My thoughts are with Tim's family and friends.