Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Goal is the Boston Marathon

2009 is going to be the year I "officially" pursue the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. After almost 5 years of running, I believe I have achieved a point where I can realistically consider a "BQ". It will take many miles of training, good health, avoiding injury, some luck and the many, many friends, runners and non-runners, who will motivate me toward my goal.

I have selected the Mohawk-Hudson Marathon on October 11, 2009 as my qualifying race.

Please visit my new blog "My Goal is the Boston Marathon". Just click on the title for the link.


Linda said...

I had not idea you've only been running for five years! I would have thought it was more like FOREVER!!

Jim said...

Sometimes it seems like forever! I started with the WRAP training in March of 2004. I've taken it in small steps to get where I am now. Patience is the key.

ShirleyPerly said...

Best of luck, Jim! Look forward to following your journey to Boston.

FatManRun said...

Go for it Jim! I'll be looking for you!