Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Week of Winners!

There have been a number of events that were held during the past few weeks. I would like to recognize my friends who achieved some impressive accomplishements.

On April 13th, Keith completed the Arizona Ironman. This was his first attempt at this daunting event. A side note, after returning home, his car was stolen from his driveway. He wasn't too upset with the car being taken, but his Ironman medal was in the car. Within 24 hours, the local sheriff's department had recovered the car and the medal! The thieves obviously know nothing about Ironman triathlons.

This past Monday was the Boston Marathon. I'd like to recognize two runners and their achievements. One of my coaches, Sarah, competing in only her second marathon, ran an impressive 3:16:50. The other noteable person is Richard, who at age 75 completed his first Boston Marathon. He has completed numerous marathons and is a past Ironman finisher.

Keeping with marathons, another coach, Nate, ran his first marathon. I'll repeat that "his first" marathon in Oklahoma City. He ran a 2:36:43 and won the event!

Of course we have our own Shirley "Humble Triathlete" who ran a strong 3:56:59, at the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon in Louisville, KY. Way to go Shirley.

Five runners from my training group: Sheri, Carol, Diana, Linda and Raymond, participated in the MS150 bike ride this weekend. They opted to do the "long" course and traveled a total of 166 miles. The ride raised money for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Congratulations!

For those of you who are not from the Orlando area, consider this. On Thursday evening, with temperatures in the low 80's, over 10,000 runners and walkers participated in the IOA Corporate 5K race. The race stages in the "Citrus Bowl" in Orlando.


ShirleyPerly said...

Great news that Keith got his car & IM stuff back. Heard about Sarah's wonderful Boston race last week but had not heard about Nate's awesome first marathon. I know he was running that race to honor his younger brother who had died recently so to win it must have been extra special for him.

Thanks, Jim, for the shout-out and providing a quick recap of others' accomplishments.

Donna N. said...

I just want to say that I am humbled to be part of this running community. All of you are such incredible heroes to me. Nate, Sarah, Keith, Shirley and all of you never ever cease to amaze me. It is all of your efforts and accomplishments that inspire me to keep going every day.

peter said...

Oh yea! A bunch of movers & shakers. Great post.

Jade Lady said...

A big cheer to Keith, Sarah, Richard, Nate, Shirley, Sheri, Carol, Diana, Linda, and Raymond!

And, what a fantastic photo on this post!

Jim said...

The photo was taken at sunset at the "Twilight Triathlon", Crystal River, FL. It had just rained, no it poured, and the sky was a mix of different clouds. Photography is my second favorite hobby. Any Florida folks looking for a nice "Sprint" distance, check this one out.