Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Running Safety

Sometimes running is not the fun sport it is intended to be. Tragically, here in Orlando, earlier this month a young woman was murdered while jogging. She was running alone on a normally busy trail in the early evening hours. It was daylight, but the afternoon had been stormy with heavy rain, thunder and lightning. This factor may have kept some runners from going out on the trail. There have been several incidents along this trail, but none with such tragic results. Our own Shirley, is familiar with this trail and will not use it.

While human nature tells us, "it won't happen to me", it can. It doesn't have to be along a desolate trail and you don't have to be a woman. I have a friend who while running in the Boston area, was attacked by a man carrying a knife in Harvard Square.

Prior to and since this murder, I am surprised by the number of women who run alone in the late evening and night time. Most are wearing an i-pod (which is another topic for discussion). I tell friends and the runners I coach, Do Not Run Alone!

I believe this topic must be discussed to make more runners aware of the dangers. If you have a story you would like to share, please do so. Be Safe!


ShirleyPerly said...

It's such a shame that running alone, even in daylight, has become so dangerous in our area. I've run that very same beautiful riverside trail where the girl was killed countless times by myself until a couple years ago, in broad daylight, a guy on a bike tried to sneak up behind me and grab me. Luckily, I heard his footsteps (he'd put down his bike) and scared him away with my pepper spray. You never think it's going to happen to you until it does. Run safe, everyone.

Runner's Anonymous said...

Thankfully my area is pretty safe. That said, I always wear a Road ID when I run. My concern is not that someone will jump out of a cornfield I'm running by but that I could get hit by a car or have a medical issue and not be able to let help know vital info about me. If Jim Fixx in the 80's and recently Ryan Shay both had M.I.s while running there's nothing to say it couldn't happen to me.

SlowRunningMama said...

It made me so sad when I saw this on the news. I love running, but don't do well on treadmills. I prefer the road and the air (and it being free doesn't hurt at all!) Since the attack, I've missed many runs because my running partner couldn't go out with me. There should be more options than having to run armed with pepper spray and cell phone.

Sunshine said...

I wonder if many men understand what it means to be a woman... and know the greater probability of attack... wherever we go. Wouldn't it be amazing if the world were safe for women. (and men, of course.)