Friday, July 4, 2008

Watermelon 5K

What would the "Fourth of July" be without fireworks and a 5K road race? This morning the 18th annual Watermelon 5K was held in Mead Gardens in Winter Park, FL. Close to 3,000 runners participated in the event. The morning started off comfortable, but by race time the temperature had approached the "hot" zone.

The photo is of Shirley, Geezer, Sheri and "Sponge Bob", as we awaited the start of the race. The race winds through the neighborhoods of Winter Park. Winding is an accurate definition as it seems you are always turning. It is a relatively flat course with only a few small rises along the way.

The highlight of the after race party is the abundance of sliced watermelon. Who wants a banana when there is iced watermelon! Walking through the crowd after the race, I spotted Maddy's pink bandanna. I haven't seen Maddy since a 10K in March.

It was a fun morning and a great way to say, "Happy Birthday America".


ShirleyPerly said...

Indeed, I want iced watermelon now after every race!!

Great seeing you, Bob & Sheri today.

Daria Pilipczuk said...

Hey, I didn't run in any organized race on the 4th....but I did have watermelon after my 6 miles.This is taper week for the Boilermaker and I know you don't want to hear it....but it looks like it will be hot. But hey, you should be used to it. See you at the Expo.

Robert Birch said...

Great to see you posting again!
It was good to be running and eating breakfast afterwards!

Maddy said...

That was a fun race!

Great to see you again! Good luck on the 15K next weekend!

Donna N. said...

Gotta love that pink bandanna!!

SlowRunningMama said...

Hey Jim!! Thanks for the comment. I loved the Watermelon 5k, it's such a 'homey' race to run. We brought the whole family out and they seemed to enjoy it although my daughter told me that "It took you forever to get back. You need to hurry up." I am hoping to blog on my run tomorrow on my morning off before I officially start training up for Disney on Saturday. Thanks for the encouragement and I've added you to my blogroll if you don't mind. I love reading your blog.